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In support of his 2nd album, Strange Nights, Andre Papanicolaou releases "Disposable", relating the idea of a biased memory of the past. "Did we really live those years as freely as we remember? Or are we idealizing our past to escape the present we never expected?"

We were hungry when we were young (...)
Like a paper cup dancing with the wind
We were disposable then, that's how we lived

What happened between then and now that lead us away from the wonderment of life and into a more pragmatic way of thinking? Is that even a problem? These are the questions being posed in this piece.

There's something going on
I don't know what went wrong
I wanna feel alright
In the prime of my life

Set to a locked-groove rhythm, Disposable moves you forward through the story, and if you feel the urge to look back, it will only be to watch the dust settle.

Strange Nights is in stores today, with an album launch party to be held at La Vitrola (4602 Saint-Laurent) at 5pm. Brad Barr will join Andre Papanicolaou on stage to help out on a song or two.




February 4, 2015


La Vitrola

5 PM

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Album available on

February 3th



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